Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A dark evening

8:30 pm, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. An almost crowded bus is running at its best speed as I could expect here. This bus is very tiny compared to other buses so the crowd is not much pathetic. I got a comfortable seat beside a window. The person sitting beside me is so irritating. He is wearing a full-sleeve sweater and expecting me to keep the window glass open for him or exchange the seat with him. It’s not cold today but still can't really open the window for someone who can't remove his sweater and be sensible. What a Jerk!! Sometimes people are really very annoying at bus/train. I should keep my cool though.

I am trying to gaze at outside. It’s dark out there. I wish I could see some stars now, or at least the moon. City-lights hardly allow me. I wish I could just run away from this city right now.
Suddenly I feel something strange. Is the darkness trying to tell me something? Did I hear my name just now? Is someone calling out my name? Is there someone really? I try hard to recognize the darkness. It’s so blurry. I hear it again.
“Oh I’m coming there.”
“Wait, wait for me please”.

I feel so light, almost weightless. The window is clear now. I touch the glass. My fingers go through the glass, then my hand, then my head… then my whole body. I move towards the darkness. Someone is waiting for me there, there behind the trees, which I see everyday. I have to go past them. And then there is the huge open land, covered with green vegetables. The smell of the soil intoxicates my senses. I feel high. I float around a bit. I suddenly realize I’m flying. I’m flying like a bird. I don’t have my hands anymore. I have got two little dark wings.

There are twinkling lights I can see from faraway places like a diamond necklace. The darkness is cold. I float around but no one is there. Oh there I hear it again. Someone is calling my name again. I follow my instinct. I fly and follow. And there they come. I reached the fairy land. All the fairies with soft, glittering white wings singing a song and dancing. Chorus. They ask me to dance with them. "Its wonderful", I say. "Were you calling me?".
"Yes Swati, welcome home".
"Is that? Is that really? Is it my home?" I scream.

"Yes. Whenever you feel lonely, depressed, pissed and meaningless we have a home for you. Your home of dreamland. Here all of your dreams come true. We are family."

"Family? Then howcome my wings are dark and your are white and so beautiful?" I ask.

"Oh dear! It doesn't matter what the color it is. It matters how strong it is. All it meant for flying and nothing else. Don't you like dark nights? Don't you like black clothes? Then how it does matter? Dark is beautiful too", The fairy says smiling.

"Oh I wish I knew it before. I wouldn't have been so sad ever then." I cry.

And then I mingle with them. I dance. I sing. I fly. I dream.

"Hello ma'am. Come on. Were not you supposed to get down at this stopage? Hurry!!" The conductor shouts angrily.

I come back to the real world.

I see there is no wings at my back. Neither White nor black.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If you were told...your last day on earth

If you were told (perhaps by some superior influence) that tomorrow is your last day on Earth,

1. What accomplishments in your life would you be proud of?
friends i have made...

2. What would you be regretful of?
only one regret i have... i wished i still continued my chess career and become a good chess player

3. Do you think you were on the correct path for Salvation and if so what is that path that you followed so far?
what is salvation? i don't believe in it.

4. How would you spend your last day on Earth?
will say goodbye to everyone i care and love... and then lets have a party... yo

5. Would you be content when you take your last breath and why?
yes... coz nothing really matters at the end

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dream Lover

He was standing there on the platform with his friend, talking. I was walking fast to reach my place where I stand every time when I catch metro. I just looked at him and walked past. It seemed he looked at me too. He was tall, decent looking guy. Sometime when you see someone for the first time and suddenly start feeling so comfortable and start liking the person for no particular reason, sometime that happens. I liked something about this guy.

After 2-3 mins the train came. While standing he was facing his back at me so we didn't have any eye contact yet. Well I am very bad in remembering all these you see, still I can remember he was wearing dark colored shirt and casual jeans, which was pretty decent. He didn't bother much about any fancy or funky dresses which seemed very attractive to me. I sat down there where I sit everyday. He took the corner seat beside the door so that I could see him. I liked that (lol). The train started moving towards the next stoppage.

He was talking to his friend and playing with his mobile phone. It started being a bit crowded too. Few girls sat around me and one was standing right there on my shoulder though she could just sit. So irritating. I was feeling uncomfortable and was sitting uneasy and my face was having that expression too I guess. He just looked at me then. OH MY GOD. I skipped my breath a bit. His eyes!!! That could kill me anytime. His gray-hazel eyes (errr... hope its not his lenses :P ). I couldn't stare at him, as I felt a bit shy. But I was thinking he could be a Hollywood hero any day. He was kind of shy. Never looked around. Most of the time he was staring at his mobile and talking to his friend (yes I was looking at him sometime). Then he closed his eyes for a while.

I always keep looking here and there when I travel in metro rail coz there is nothing to look outside and I hardly get anything to stare at continuously. But I found myself feeling good to watch him and I couldn't stop watching him. I didn't want to stop that either ;) .

Then He looked at me again. I was wondering what was there in his mind. I was falling in love with him, falling in love with his eyes, his cute face and a decent body language. And the clear, pure, decent stare he was giving me. I was just falling in love. I was feeling something really strange, as if I have known this guy all my life. As if I have seen him in my dreams many times before. Those eyes... said it all. I felt this is my dream lover and I finally met him. Then it was time for him to go. He reached his destination. And he left.

I wished to see him again even knowing that this is not possible. I know I will never see him again. But I met him. Sometime that matters a lot.

At least I can tell this story to my grandchildren when they ask me what is falling in love at first sight.

Your Eyes
As We Said Our Goodbyes
Can't Get Them Out Of My Mind
And I Find I Can't Hide (From)
Your Eyes
The Ones That Took Me By Surprise
The Night You Came Into My Life
Where There's Moonlight
I See Your Eyes

How'd I Let You Slip Away
When I'm Longing So To Hold You
Now I'd Die For One More Day
'Cause There's Something I Should
Have Told You
Yes There's Something I Should Have
Told You

When I Looked Into Your Eyes
Why Does Distance Make Us Wise?
You Were The Song All Along
And Before The Song Dies

I Should Tell You I Should Tell You
I Have Always Loved You
You Can See It In My Eyes

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear my love

Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me
And dear my love, haven't you longed to be free
I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you
And at sweet night, you are my own
Take my hand

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the morning light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name

I have dreamt of a place for you and I
No one knows who we are there
All I want is to give my life only to you
I've dreamt so long I cannot dream anymore
Let's run away, I'll take you there

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you now

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One heartbreak and a little bit of love

This is a story of a little sparrow. A naive, crazy and stupid sparrow. But she was strong mentally. She still lives by the river with her parents and her brother, whom she loves most in this world. Apart from her family she has two loving friends too who cares for her so much. They tries to warn her every time before she gets into any trouble, but she is so stubborn and she tends to learn by facing it herself. One is the wise tortoise, who lives at the end of the river. And the other is the dolphin, whom she never met but still they are best friends. He lives far away in the sea from where they can only hear each other’s voice.

The story started when the sparrow fell in love with a human. The tortoise and dolphin tried to warn her about the man but she never realised that they never can be together and the man will go away one day.

Slowly the sparrow and the man became very close friends and she found herself in love with the man. She loved how he told her about the world and how the world can change into heaven. He showed her so many dreams which she never dreamt before. She loved the man so much that she forgot they don't belong to the same world. The man told her once that he likes a cat and a butterfly too. Knowing everything she still loved the man and she felt the man needs her so much. Then one day the cat he liked went away with another man. He made his mind and said to the sparrow that how much he loves her and he started telling her how their future will be. The sparrow trusted him and started seeing those dreams he was showing her. She felt so loved. She started planning her future with him too which she never did before. She was never into making plans for life. She always accepted life and waited for it as it came to her. She was so much in love that she even ignored her family and spent all her time and emotion on him. They seemed so much in love together. At least she thought so.

On her birthday the man sang songs for her and they kept talking all day and night. She forgot about everyone else out there in her life. She took out her heart that day and gifted him. She thought he is going to be hers forever.

Then the day came finally. The man walked away with the butterfly. The sparrow understood the man was just waiting for the butterfly to leave her lover-butterfly and go with him.

The sparrow was all down with broken heart, broken trust, struggling to survive the grief. Even her best friends couldn't make her feel good enough though they tired their best. The wise tortoise asked her to help him with his work so that she would get too busy to think about heartbreak. The dolphin said the man didn't deserve her love at all and he assured her that he would be there for her till his demise. Soon she decided that she needs to move on in life. She started spending more time with her family and friends. She played with her brother again. They were so much happy to get her back. But She was still not happy as the man still was there in her life and heart. Inside of her mind she was changing a bit. It seemed she never could love or trust anyone else again ever. The horrible thing was to stop the fountain of love inside of her, which was once unwrapped by the man. It was pouring the man all over all the while. It was almost like stopping the ocean.

Then one day she, very frustrated and angry with everything happened to her, decided to explore the world and return the world same thing she got. She started looking around here and there. Suddenly she saw a wild bird flying around and flying high with some similar thoughts and craziness yet so different from her. The sparrow was always scared of height so she never dared to fly high. But she felt she should talk to him. She did.

Everyday she kept talking to him, sharing her views, ideas, and thoughts. They turn close friends in a while. He said those things which she already knew, which was just echo of her own words. He listened to her patiently whenever she seemed vulnerable and said "speak out everything you want... it helps to reduce the pain". He helped her to look at the love in different way. "Love means freedom"... "Love doesn't expect anything, love is unconditional"... "love everything around you... never restrict yourself"... "Love yourself first, fall in love with your own self"... "Love is never true, neither false. Love is love."

But she was never good at playing with others' heart. Slowly she found herself trusting on him. She found herself happy again. She learned more about life from that wild bird. She found herself waiting for him everyday. She thought he is someone special but how could she like him? How could she feel this way again? She felt confused and angry at the same time. It must be something she is mistaking with some infatuation or crush. But still how could it happen? Then she remembered everything she learned about love from him. She realised she is fine now and ready to fall in love again.

She didn't feel loved this time but she felt the freedom. She regained her self-esteem, self-respect. The wild bird never tried to play with her which he could do easily like other male. That made her respect this bird more. This bird taught her how to give everyone the share of the fountain of love she had. He got his share too. And this time sparrow didn't expect anything in return. She was proud of herself.

By the time she realised she could fall again it was time for the wild bird to go. He couldn't be there with her forever as it was against his nature. Sparrow understood its time to let him go. Too much of word made the wild bird restless and bored. He wanted his freedom back and the silence.

She was sad, and confused. And the wild bird was gone. She kept asking what was wrong but the bird didn't have any answer to that. She would have cried over it but as she was changing inside she was already matured and wiser than ever before. She handled the situation herself and accepted it. She never wanted the wild bird to tie with her.

Still now she sees him flying around or flying high sometime and she is happy with that. Coz she is no more a stupid sparrow. She has grown two strong wings like the wild bird too. And the most wonderful part is she didn't lose anyone. Everyone is at their own place where they should be.

She is happy now with her family, two best friends and a little bit of love.

She too flies high now.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Life for rent

"Life For Rent"

I haven't ever really found a place that I call home
I never stick around quite long enough to make it
I apologize that once again I'm not in love
But it's not as if I mind that your heart ain't exactly breaking
It's just a thought, only a thought

But if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
Cos nothing I have is truly mine

I've always thought that I would love to live by the sea
To travel the world alone and live more simply
I have no idea what's happened to that dream
Cos there's really nothing left here to stop me
It's just a thought, only a thought

But if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
Cos nothing I have is truly mine

While my heart is a shield
And I won't let it down
While I'm so afraid to fail
That I won't even try
Well how can I say I'm alive?
-Sang by Dido

I don't know why I am so afraid to fall in love again, yet so eagerly waiting for that to happen.
Or I am in love already but don't want to accept.
Confused soul I am, as usual.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Runaway Groom

He smiles as she walks down the aisle...
He waits for her so impatiently...
And when she arrives he stares at her....
With so much love and so much pride...
He promises to watch her till death do them part...
He then kisses her and makes her his wife...
He holds her hand and takes her home...
Makes love to her and babies they raise...
As time passes the 'groom' disappears...
A boring sports-lover takes his place...
All he does is watch TV for sure...
And when the night comes he snores oh dear!
When chores are heavy and babies cry...
He just watches soccer to smile...
When garbage needs to be placed out...
He just feels like its a crime....
When she cries and feels alone...
He goes, 'honey is it that time of the month?'
When they go out, his eyes start to wonder
When he's home, his eyes are oh so closed...
His clothes are all over the floor
And if dinner is late he's so pissed off...
When she whispers 'do you love me' in his ear
He goes 'Do you want something my dear?'
So where's the groom...she starts to pray
Did he after the wedding, just run away?

LOL... dedicated to all my married friends :P

Dream a little dream...

Take a moment...look back at your life...
Did you get to follow your dreams...
Did you reach the destination...
At whichever point you may be now...
You once had the sweetest dreams...
Health maybe,Love,Family or Friends...
Whatever that you may have seeked so far...
Did you get to realise it all...
And when the day is done my dear...
And the night has come to greet...
Do you smile and count the stars...
Or do you wonder what went wrong...
No matter where you are right now...
No matter how small your dream may be...
Remember that in life on Earth...
You don't receive everything you please...
Sometimes dreams just remain as dreams...
As those pastel distant memories...
Do not weep that you did not reach them...
Smile through tears that you atleast felt them...
For what matters the most my friend...
Is if you really dreamed those dreams.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Do you know how much I care?

You are so far away and yet in my heart you are so very near.
My thoughts always go to you wishing I could hold you,
If my arms could stretch around the world,
they would find you and squeeze you and never let you go.
I want you to know how much I care.
Some days you share with me your pain,
and my heart cries for you.
Some days you share with me your loneliness,
and my heart feels alone.
Some days you share with me your worries,
and my mind worries, too.
I know you are so far away but within my heart you are right here beside me
and I miss not touching you, I miss not giving you a hug
that my heart cries out to do.
But I want you to know how much I care!

I wanted to tell that to Shu. I guess he knows it too.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year Survey

1. What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?
Learned Flash ActionScript.

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I never make resolutions(I said that before)

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Yes, one of my childhood friend gave birth to a boy, I call him Shin Chan(my fav cartoon character these days).

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Well, no.

5. What countries did you visit?
I didn’t go anywhere this year, really.

6. What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006?
A loyal and loving boyfriend :D .

7. What dates from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
22nd may, it was my birthday;
23rd december, went for long drive and made new friends;
31st december, met my future in-laws for the first time(lol kidding :P)met
shu's parents and had delicious lunch(it was yummy really... Thanks to his
aunty, who is twin sister of his mother) and then had blast dancing all night.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Finally being called as web designer and working for international projects.

9. What was your biggest failure?
A broken relationship.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Ummm... nothing to remember.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
A silk top in pink.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
Saurabh Ganguly! the way he came back again.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
a. Indian cricket board, the drama(s) through the year.
b. CM of west bengal, regarding singur issue.
c. Us political power for killing Thousands of people over the year and then hanging Saddam Husain that way.
d. The decisions of Argentina's football coach during last match of the WC.

14. Where did most of your money go?
Shopping and phone bills.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Seeing my brother growing and getting into his first affair in his life(wish that lasts forever).

16. What song will always remind you of 2006?
"You are beautiful" - James Blunt.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder?- Happier.
b) thinner or fatter?- fatter i guess :(
c) richer or poorer?- richer :D

18. What do you wish you’d done more of?
I wish I read more books.

19. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Wasting all my emotion and energy for something worthless.

20. How did you spend Christmas?
At home with family, Mum was not well that day.

21. Did you fall in love in 2006?

22. How many one-night stands?
ERRR... Zero! I am too introvert and backdated to have one-night stands.

23. What was your favorite TV program?
Shin Chan, a japanese cartoon character comes on Hungama TV.

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

25. What was the best book you read?
God of small things.

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?
James Blunt.

27. What did you want and get?
Nothing really.

28. What did you want and not get?
Many things. But I don't want to count them this way. I wish to get done those things this year.

29. What was your favorite film of this year?
Lage raho munna bhai and Pirates of Carebbian.

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
My ex-bf sang songs for me, we talked all day online till late night.

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
Being able to control my emotions more and more and being less vulnerable.

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2006?
Normal. Though I like fashion, but I had less money to buy costly things.

33. What kept you sane?
My brother. My friends. My family. This blog.

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Johnny Depp,oh i fell in love with him so badly this year :P . And obviously Hrithik ROshan.

35. What political issue stirred you the most?
The Maoists Winning over the king in Nepal. And the wholeSingur issue.

36. Who did you miss?
One of my best friends, the closest one in every way yet he is so far from me. I miss you always, r u listening Shu?

37. Who was the best new person you met?
Do u mean meeting in real only? Well I met many people in '06 but the best was
'V', he has been a great support during the most vulnerable time. But He belongs
to my virtual world.

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006.
Don't you ever bother if you lose someone/something, nothing really matters after a while.

39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
I lost all the love I had for you
the day that you cheated on me boo
and there can never be no me and you
cause lately you been asking foney
I'm sorry you can't do me like those
other busters from around the way
so if you wanna play then lets play
believe me girl two can play that game

What makes you think that you could run a game on me
when I was true to you girl from the begin
I was in love with you but you never really loved me at all
so I gotta let you go I put my heart out there then you closed the door
shut me out like a stepchild in the cold
ooh but it's ok I found someone else to love me anyway
so I gotta let know


I'm not trying to hold you if you wanna leave
cause trust me I've got alots of girl on my team
and I wanted to be with you
at first no one else mattered to me until you try to play me
baby tell me why o why would you throw it all away
don't you know that every dog has it's day
but now that I'm that so over you
there could never be you and me


See I don't wanna hear your tried excuses
I ain't trying check for you
I wanna stay problem free
look at all the pain you caused me
I don't love you know more
I don't need you in my life
so i'm saying bye bye bye

I'm saying bye bye baby
bye saying bye bye baby
I don't need you no more
saying bye bye baby
bye bye
saying bye bye baby
I got someone else to love


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random 40

1. Hi my name is...Swati
2. Never in my life have I done... murder
3. The one person who can drive me nuts...myself.
4. Favorite Teacher?Of all time?... My english teacher
5. When I'm nervous... My fingers are restless
6. The last time I cried was...Today
7. If I were to get married right now whom I would... mmm... keep it a secret.
8. My hair is...Awfull!
9. When I was 6...My grandpa died.
10. Last Christmas... Went for a long drive and made new friends.
11. I should be... happy but I am sad.
12. When I look down I see...My cold feet, its cold today.
13. The craziest recent event was... coming to office during 24hrs strike.
14. If I were a character on 'Cartoon Network' I'd be...Spiderman.
15. By this time next year... I will be more confused I guess.
16. My current gripe... That I still couldn't go for a vacation with my family.
17. I have a hard time understanding... Why I turn emotional sometime.
18. There's this girl I know who... Is going to bug me sitting my next chair.
19. I really want to learn... Guitar.
20. If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be...My brother.
21. Take my advice...Don't be nice to boys.
22. My ideal breakfast... Puri & curry.
23. If you visited the place I was born...You would love it, my Kolkata.
24. I plan to visit someone... Today!!
25. If you spent the night at my house.... My mum would have cooked nice dinner for u.
26. I'd stop my wedding if...My fiance cheated.
27. The world could do without... Me.
28. The last thing I ate was...Sweets made by mum.
29. Most recent thing that I have bought?... a pair of night suit.
30. Most recent thing someone else bought for me...My brother bought me some chocolate.
31. This morning I...woke up sad.
32. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are...rabbits. I mean, wouldn't that be funny?
33. Last night I was... having fight with a friend.
34: I don't know...The square root of 784,525,455.568
35. A better name for me would be...naah I love my name.
36. If I ever go back to school ... I would be happiest in this world.
37. my birthday is....May 22nd.
38. What I really want for Valentine's Day is… Flowers. I haven’t gotten flowers in a long time.
39. I'm wearing...My old woolen coat.
40. Tomorrow I am...Going to come back home from my visit to my aunty.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I feared

I feared being alone...
until I learned to like myself.

I feared failure...
until I realized that
I only fail when I don't try.

I feared success...
until I realized that I had to
try in order to be happy with myself.

I feared peoples opinions...
until I learned that people would have
opinions about me anyway.

I feared rejection...
until I learned to have
faith in myself.

I feared pain...
until I learned that
it's necessary for growth.

I feared the truth...
until I saw the ugliness in lies.

I feared life...
until I experienced its beauty.

I feared death...
until I realized that it's not an end
but a beginning.

I feared my destiny...
until I realized that I had
the power to change my life.

I feared hate...
until I realized it was nothing more
than ignorance.

I feared love...
until it touched my heart
making the darkness fade into
endless sunny days.

I feared ridicule...
until I learned to laugh at myself.

I feared growing old...
until I realized that I gained
Wisdom everyday.

I feared the future...
until I realized that life just kept
getting better everyday.

I feared the past...
until I realized that
it could no longer hurt me.

I feared the darkness...
until I saw the beauty of the starlight.

I feared the light...
until I learned that the truth
would give me strength.

I feared change...
until I saw that even the most
beautiful butterfly had to undergo
a metamorphosis before it could fly.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Difference between being in love with someone and loving someone

A good relationship isn't a game you play or an ego trip you take. It is about love and two people. Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know and it can hurt more than we can believe too. When it does not really hurt when that person did something disappointing to you, but really hurts when you see that person in pain and sadness, then you know you truly love that person. Loving someone means you should be ready to experience heartache and happiness at the same time. That's the reward and that's the risk. Unless we are willing to experience it, we will never really know what it's like to love and be loved.
Sharing love is probably the most valuable and meaningful experience a person can ever have. And there's a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. It's the difference between a love that's fickle, wild and short-lived and one that's tender and passionate, nurturing and lasts a long time. The first is easy. The second, the one that really matters to all of us, takes work -- because it's about keeping a relationship.
Loving someone takes efforts. We have to be able to communicate with each other. Nobody can read anyone else's mind. We always presume that our partner knows what we think and feel. Maybe in time we might be able to predict or sense each other's thoughts but it's never perfect and takes time to develop.
Getting the chance to love and be loved by someone is blessed. Respect him/her for who he/she is, and not what you want him/her to be. Everyone is pretty and special in his/her own special way. No one is perfect. It is true love which closes the gap of imperfectness to form a smooth surface of acceptance for each other. True love sees and accepts a person for who he/she is. It is also true love which makes a person change for the better.
The power of true love to a person is undeniable.
A relationship needs commitments too. What is love without commitments from each other anyway? It's like principles and values. Everyone has them but they only mean as much as we are willing to stand for them.
The same goes for our commitments to relationships, and the person we love.
"Love is like an antique vase. It's hard to find, hard to get, but easy to break."
Every day everywhere, people fall in love ... but just how many of these relationships are self-sacrificing love, and not just relationships which are formed only for the intense feeling of falling in love? I know hundreds of friends who say the magical words "I love you"... but more often than not, the truth is just -- I am IN love with you. There is a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. If a person says he/she is in love with you, he/she means that he/she likes you for who you are now and he/she fell in love with you because of the present you.
This kind of love is temporary and lasts only as long as the fairytale lasts. When fairy godmother comes in at midnight to whirl us back to reality, we see the heartache of such a relationship...where both were only IN love with each other.
But if a person says he/she loves you, he/she means that he/she loves you unconditionally for who you are now, who you were in the past and who you might be in the future. When he/she says he/she loves you and really means it, you have to ask yourself if you love him/her too or if you're in love with the idea of being in love. It is very hard to see the difference through logical thinking.
Let your heart guide you. May you be blessed on your soul-searching journey for your soul mate.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

If only...

If only I could be the one that you really need
If only I could follow you across the open seas

If only I could hold you in my arms so tight
If only I could lay with you and talk through out the night

If only I could share with you the beauty of the trees
and share with you the gentleness of the summer breeze

Sit with you and listen to the laughter of a child
Sit with you in silence watching creatures in the wild

Listen to the stories you tell of days gone by
Be there just to hold you if a memory made you cry

Sit with you and listen to the chirping of a bird
Smiling as you tell me it's the sweetest sound you've heard

So if you ever find the time reach out and type my name
the dreams above I mentioned will always be the same
If my life was different I know what I would do
I'd stand tall there at your side and cross those seas with you

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year rants

This is new year. Finally! Everyone is busy making new resolutions and planning for life ahead.
But me? Naaahhh! I never make plans or resolutions. Why to restrict life yaar?

But I sometime look back to 2006 and try to count what I lost and what I gained.
I left many people back there. Most of them were so willing to go away. I am glad they are gone now.

What all I did in 2006?

1. I fell in love.
2. Learned politics a lot for the first time.
3. Made many great friends.
4. Joined iSolution which is a great experience.
5. Broke up and survived a broken trust, broken heart self.
6. Watched highest numbers of movies in cinema hall ever.
7. Boozzed for the first time.
8. Let one friend go away coz he wanted to.
9. Got involved with Margam.
10. Ditched the habit of chating and wasting time online.

lot more will be there to add...

While starting my new year I want to say few things to my friends here.
May I will never be able to say it in person.

D... I am so glad that we met and became so close friend. Never had a strong and independent girl friend like you in my life before. Hats off to you. I love to spend hours talking to you. Wish you were my childhood friend. But anyways better let than never.

Sa... What to tell you? You changed my life in every way. It feels great to be your friend and even to stay close to you. You remind me of 2 words honesty and trust in this cruel world whenever I am broken heart, broken trust... Well... I am just wordless now.

Shu... My life support system. Never had anyone like you whom I depend on as well as I trust so much. I feel most comfortable only with you(after my brother) in this world. Lets see where life takes us.

V... I wanted to thank you for everything. I dont know whether you will ever come back or not, but I miss you. I wish at least I knew the reason for that you left. Wish you all the best in your life.

T... Goodbye T. I am glad that you are gone now. Thanks for showing me the real world.

I can't remember anyone else right now... I may update later.