Saturday, December 29, 2007

Journey of an acrophobic

My travel gene finally got its share of pleasure. This Christmas I spent at Kodaikanal, a hill station in Tamilnadu. 12 hours journey by car with other 5 travel-freaks. It was awesome.
9:30 p.m. 24th Dec, we started from Bangalore. I was not so excited since the thought of sitting in the car for 12hrs was making me sick. I was worried about how I will control my nature-calls till that long. LOL. And then slowly I forgot my worries because I always like long drives at night. I was more concentrating in discovering the darkness outside. I was sitting in the middle. Wish I had got any of the corner seats. It was very cold also so I didn’t mind much. I remembered I still couldn’t get film role for my analog camera. (I am old-fashioned still). Though I have camera on my cell phone.
It was my mom’s birthday also. I missed being with my family.

It was almost morning and I was half-asleep. Don’t remember when we exchanged seats. I was sitting on the right window. Was trying to open up my eyes for so long seeing some sign of hills in the far away sky-line, but all in vain. My neck was paining also. And then I let myself sleep more. Suddenly my eyes were open and I saw the huge giant was just in front of our car, Nilgiri hills. We started climbing and I shouted “finally”. And then I realised how much I was waiting for this trip, how much I was waiting for some mountain to climb up and explore. Since childhood I always preferred sea over mountain but lately I developed admiration for hills also.

A giant to be explored, holding so many secrets inside; so silent, yet telling so many tales. Never comes to you, yet waits for you to go and talk to it. Pretends to be so serious like an old man, yet full of life like a child. That's mountain.

I finally managed to wake myself up and get lost in the nature. The view was awesome. We could see the waterfalls, lake, and small small towns like toys. The mountains were revealing themselves from the blankets of fog and clouds slowly. The different shades of green, the deep blue sky and the white cloud art in the sky... Romantic!!! that is the word came in my mind. Can’t help being a die-hard romantic. Sudden tinny streams were coming down from the cracks of the rocks and drenching the road. Sometime the signs of recent landslides were appearing.

It was fucking scary for me. I am an acrophobic and I have very awful balance as I feel. I even can fall in plain just like that. I don't need any reason to fall. So I was scared of falling there also. And it almost took my breathe away to look down. and took my breathe away in other sense also. It was so fucking beautiful! I felt I have seen heaven there. One Irish guy we met there who has been living there for almost last 10yrs. Where he stays really looked like a heaven to me and his comfortable movements/walk through the edge of the hill(even through the steep edges) made me skip my heartbeats. Phew. But still I would go back there again I think.

Didn't realise when the trip was over. Freaking cold, awsome homemade chocolates, amaging foods, wild nature... all made me spellbound. I was so lost in it. The sky acted like a painter, changed its graphics every second and played with clouds all the while. Even at night it continued to play the game. While coming back and down it was fullmoon night. The city/villages down there formed a diamond necklace and the lake looked like a mirror to the sky.

And something else formed there in the trip, a bonding. Something started changing my life, may be forever. It left me confused and somewhat happy. But that's a different story. Tell you some other time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To the special

I remember you in my dreams,
you are sitting behind me, yet so far.
Then from your back I embrace you,
and something in your ears I mutter.

You can hear it if you ever just try,
that I say how special you are for me.
Knowing you don't need it from me I cry,
But still I wish you get everything in your life
and your Bee.