Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life at bangalore!

I have been away from my blog for a real long time. And there are lot of changes in my life I made. I spent all these days preparing for the changes and finally I am happy with it. Changed the job and city and that makes a lots of differences. I have been feeling very pissed and drained about my life so I badly needed the change.

Well, I am in bangalore now. The most wornderful weather I can expect in India. Everyone must be knowing it well whoever has visited this city. And who doesn't know I will suggest him/her to come here once at least. The city is green, romantic and calm by nature. People are mixed as it's a cosmo city now. Different language, different people but yet I don't feel much difference. It feels nice to explore this city everyday. Within 2 months of stay here I have travelled a lot, walked a lot to different places and I found this city is small enough.

Talking about people here, I found local people are a bit weird in nature. May be they are just different that's why I feel like this. I had bad experiences here too but that's not new to me.

I better make some list of things which I liked and disliked about this city. That will be easy for me to express.

Things I liked :
1. Weather, greenery, breeze and everlasting spring. (I fell in love with it)
2. Buses. (travel everyday and believe me its faaar better than calcutta)
3. Music at pubs, disco. (actually got a group to enjoy there)
4. My roommates. (they r best)
5. My office colleagues. (my group and work culture can make u feel jealous)
6. My small space at the PG. (just like me... at the corner, distant from other things in the room yet very much exists among them)
7. The lake at lalbaag.
8. The evening walks.

(people who r wondering whts PG... its Paying Guest I mean)

Things I didn't like:
1. People at bus. (they are weird... they love to stand on people's head pressing their butts)
2. Things written in local language at bus, bus stop and having no translated form. (I often get confused man)
3. Oily food at PG though it always tastes good.
4. The indecent horny dog at PG.
5. Some girls at PG. (specially who bangs the toilet/bathroom door when I am using it.)
6. The road when it rains.(Bangalore is wavy at geographical nature so the water comes down like river through the road always)
7. Showing off people around. (My goodness they always dress like they are going to some party.)
8. Not much life other than going to pub, disc, shopping mall here.
9. People are not bothered about what is happening to other people around. All they can do is to give a stare.
10. Perverted guys are everywhere in this world. So can't blame much.(guys don't take personally)

But apart from all these I made friends here. I am enjoying everyday of my stay here. That's the most important thing.

(I started to write this post long back... now today(29th sept) somehow I finished it.)