Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hum Tum

The eternal rivalry, Man vs Women.
Just few things suddenly came up in my mind. Jotting it down. Some might find it funny, some might find it offensive and say I am taking girl's side. May be. And I will take guy's side also. But right now Ladies first.


She: Hey, try this shirt. Does it fit?
He: Yeah, seems so.
She: Cool. It's for ur bday.
He: wow, great. Love u!

She: Oye, where is my bday gift haan?
He: Umm, I couldn't decide even after thinking a lot. But why are you being so materialistic?
She: Ok, then buy me a rose.
He: huh! what crap!


She: Lets go somewhere and let us call it an official date. We didn't go for dating for long. I miss those good old days.
He: Huh! How kiddish. I am very busy love.

He's friend: Hey man, what you doing? Lets have some beer together sometime. I miss those good old days.
He: Yeah sure, lets go! Anytime for you man!


She: Lets watch a movie tonight.
He: Sure, great!

She: Lets make love.
He: Sure, Great, I am always ready for it.

She: Lets talk about our relationship, our future, and marriage.
He: What Shit! Can't you see I'm so tired? Don't you have heart. You know I have been working whole day and I need to get up in the morning also.
She: Why are you being so rude? And whats your problem in talking about our relationship?
He: Me rude? You are over-reacting. You are melodramatic. Go see a doc.


Well... That's all for now. :P