Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love, one of a kind

"You are the most irritating person I have ever seen in my life, you know that?"

"Oh gawd! you are such a kid, what I'm gonna do with this grown up kid?"

"You sicko! how many times I am gonna ask you to slow down and ride steady in this fucking traffic? I was almost dead. Damn you boy!"

"How can someone forget such things? And how can you be so careless? Hell!"

The list will go on and on.

Hang on, there is a twist.

No matter how much I swear, how much I yell, how much I fight, there is no escape. I love you even more everyday. Its growing like a giant turning my whole world upside down. I am totally drowned into you Man.

When I think about the most beautiful ocean in this world, I end up looking into your eyes.
When I think about the most beautiful waterfall in this world, I remember your laughter.
When I try to find an earthly comparison of the lovely moonlight, I see your smile.
When I try to find the most secured place in this world, I find it in your arms.
When I imagine a perfect or imperfect world of mine, I see that's not complete without you.
And whenever I try to think of love, kindness, care, affection, happiness, I think of you.
And every time at the end I find that I love you.

I was looking out for love everywhere around me. I was completely unaware of what I already got inside my heart for a long time. I was so tired of all these hide-n-seek games. And now, when I realize it was you and only you I was looking for all my life, all of my running around makes sense. It was worth it. Some price should be paid to have the priceless gift of life. I love everything about you.

But then...

"Where the hell were you for so many years? Couldn't you come into my life a bit early, you lazybone!"

P.S: My quest of love, quest of life ends here right beside you.