Monday, October 22, 2007

Thirteen "Thoughts"

1. Everyone seems in a need for space from me. Never thought I do bother people so much. So I stopped talking to them almost. Hope they are happy with their space. But if they come complaining that I forgot them or being so selfish to not to remember them they will have my cold shoulder this time. I always keep in touch(always did) but that doesn't mean they can take me for granted.

2. Whatever I try to grab or check seems to slip from my hand/grip. Be it a materialistic thing or relationship.

3. I need my own space. I miss my home.

4. Life is strange.

5. I met 'little bit of love' here in bangalore finally. We couldn't be good friends. Actually I couldn't be his. He was always a special friend of mine. Wish him all the best for his life.

6. Someone who was there in my life for a quite long time in virtual world, this time he is in my real life now. Things are turning crazy. I am losing grip or loving to float with it I don't know. I believe everything has an end so my only wish is that it should be a good ending.

7. Am I growing up finally? I am changing a lot from within. Turning matured.

8. Lots of provocation here. Materialistic, physical. I am learning to live with it.

9. I will never learn to not to miss my brother much. I will never learn to live far from him.

10. Falling in love is so hard for me now. Love was never around me, near to me. I am tired waiting.

11. I don't like to get drenched in bangalore rain. To soothe first you need a burn.

12. I understand the accents of english songs easily now.

13. I believe we can only be there where we could be, where we should be and where we are supposed to be. Everything happens for some reason.