Saturday, September 29, 2007

My traveler gene and dancing shoes

Its not even 2 months I am here and I already know places, bus routes, hang out areas, shopping malls, discs, streets, few bus conductor, driver by their faces. Quite fast I am. Even more than that I know trees on my way to office already. We girls at PG hang out here a lot. Or just chat till late. And we all have increasing desire for traveling to different places in near future. We make up plans for them and then finally go to sleep frustrated knowing its not happening so early.

After canceling few trips we 3 from my room( I share my room with other 2 girls... one just graduated and the other one on her final year) decided to go to wonder la( on that saturday. The graduated one (J) told us that it has craziest rides we have ever seen. I was excited so much. And the other girl (R) most probably was bit tensed since she never have any experience of any kind of rides in her life. So finally we reached. The trip was expensive though, but we enjoyed a lot. And as expected R was literally crying for her life everytime she tried any ride. LOL. Most of the time we couldn't see each other's face so didn't know how exactly she was feeling. But when she sat beside me on some open ride then I saw her face. I was laughing out loud. Else I was screaming my lungs out with joy. It felt really great. J is like me. She was with me in all the rides.

Then after coming back we had terrible body pain. That was awful but was worth it. But I was yet not out of my energy. Next day in the afternoon I went to visit Laalbag. Walked for hours in sun there. I loved the lake. And then at night went to disc. Danced till late like maniac. Don't know from where I get all the energies. LOL. But yes... next day I was running out of proper sleep and rest so fell sick a bit. Had to take leave from office.

Seems I became party animal for a while. Became a regular visitor at disk. Have been partying so much lately. Got introduced to a salsa dance-class group and by now we are also considered among them. These guys are really nice and decent people. Always thought party animals are not so good kind. But I was wrong. I love to dance so I love to be there at disc though I don't like much noise. But its ok for once in a while. As long as its not harming my health or work. Among all the discs I love Fuga most though it's the most unhealthy place, because firstly that's the place where for the first time I danced with that group. Secondly I love the coziness of the back corner of Fuga.

Anyways, I love my aching feet making moves continuously be it walking or dancing. I love my freedom.